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Welcome to the homepage of the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities. The Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities is a broadly-based coalition of Islamic organizations and communities in Edmonton and surrounding areas. Click to learn more about us and our activities.

Our Programs
Islamic Chair
Dr. Ingrid Mattson

Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) Invites you to hear Dr. Ingrid Mattson Renowned Scholar, Muslim leader, an Interfaith Activist… Read More

Latest News

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ECMC Categorically Condemns Recent Attacks in Orlando, Florida

The Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) categorically condemns the recent attack on a night club in Orlando, Florida, which… Read More

A Tribute to Muhammad Ali – World-Renowned Boxer, Athlete, Philanthropist

Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) pays tribute to the greatest boxer of all times - Muhammad Ali. As the… Read More

Edmonton Muslims stand by the fire victims in Fort McMurray

Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) expresses deep sorrow at the tremendous loss of property, homes, infrastructure and livelihood. Our… Read More

Edmonton Muslims Commemorate Prophet’s Birthday

To mark the occasion of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, which was on 12th day of Rabi-al-Awal 1436 AH… Read More