The Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) categorically condemns the recent attack on a night club in Orlando, Florida, which has claimed the lives of 50 people and left another 53 wounded.

While the motives and possible links behind this horrendous attack will undoubtedly be investigated by the law enforcement agencies across the border, the scale and manner of this violence has shocked and shaken many of us in this part of Canada.

The ECMC and its members generally focus on events within Canada. The Council does, however, stand united with all our law-abiding fellow citizens in unequivocally condemning such horrific acts of violence against unsuspecting civilians, wherever and whenever they may occur, regardless of the faith, race, gender or orientation of those impacted by such criminal acts.

For further information, contact:
Adil Hasan, Communications Director Tel. 780-932-4775
Masood Peracha, Chair, ECMC, Tel. 780-903-1653