Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) expresses deep sorrow at the tremendous loss of property, homes, infrastructure and livelihood. Our thoughts and prayers are with the almost 100,000 residents affected directly and their loved ones in other parts of the country.

This unprecedented disaster unfolding in Northern Alberta, which has forced the entire population of the largest community in Northern Alberta to be evacuated has prompted the Muslim Communities of Edmonton and surrounding region to call on all its members (individuals as well as its member organizations) to support the evacuees in this hour of their need in any and all ways. The most efficient and effective way is to donate money through registered charitable organizations that are experienced in disaster relief such as IFSSA and Canadian Red Cross.

IFSSA (Islamic Family and Social Services Association of Alberta) is a federally registered charitable organization that is active in supplementing basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and counselling to families in need. It can issue tax deductible receipts for all donations. Cheques, clearly marked “Alberta Fire Appeal”, can be mailed to IFSSA, 4003 98 St NW #85, Edmonton, AB T6E 6M8.<o= :p=””>

Alternatively donations can be made online at  ifssa.ca/donate<sp= an=”” background:white;font-style:normal’=””>. For further information visit their website.http://www.ifssa.ca

Donations can also be made to Canadian Red Cross which is the major relief organization that is already engaged in this effort on the ground. All funds donated to them by individuals will be matched by the federal government and the province.

The Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities is an umbrella organization representing eleven different Muslim entities within Edmonton. Created in 2002, its mission is to speak and act on behalf of Edmonton Muslims with fellow Canadians in a manner that protects, promotes, and enhances the understanding of Islam and Muslims in matters of public policy, education, peace and safety.

Media Enquiries may be directed to:
Sofia Yaqub, Vice Chair ECMC: 780 707 5595
Qaseem Khan, Communications Chair ECMC: 780 470 5460
Omar Yaqub, President, IFSSA: 780 695 7477