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Letter to the Editor of the Edmonton Journal re: Gang Violence in Vancouver

June 5, 2006

 The Editor

Edmonton Journal
Box 2421
Edmonton, Alberta
T5J 2S6 

Dear Sir: 

Muslims in Edmonton are relieved that a potential threat to the peace and security of our country has been averted through the efforts of our security and intelligence forces.  We are confident that due process of law will afford the alleged men a fair and speedy trial.

The media has been seeking the reaction of the Muslim community to the alleged crime.   It is tantamount to asking the Chinese community to the gang related violence in Vancouver.  The alleged criminal activity foiled in Ontario last week does not reflect Islamic teachings and values and any attempts to connect this to Islam or Muslims in general should be rejected.  We urge the media, the security forces, and our fellow Canadians to refrain from using terms such as Islamic when describing alleged criminal activities.  Alas, this connection appears to be reserved only for the Muslim community.        

The leaders of the Muslim communities in Edmonton have worked co-operatively with our law enforcement agencies against any attempts to de-stabilize or compromise our national security.  The Muslim faith compels us to expose injustices and to stand up against any threat to peace and security regardless of who poses this threat and under what pretense.



Larry R. Shaben
Chairman, ECMC
Telephone: (780) 423-3364

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