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Shaben among 19 Edmontonians honoured for service to community

Lindsey Norris, The Edmonton Journal
Published Wednesday, June 14, 2006

EDMONTON - Larry Shaben helps create a stronger community by building bridges and breaking down stereotypes between the Muslim community and other Edmontonians.

Shaben was one of 19 Edmontonians honoured for a lifetime of service during the city's 55th annual Salute to Excellence hall of fame awards Tuesday night.

"I think Edmonton is a terrific city -- it's got a great record of having a wonderful culture, a wonderful mix of ethnicities and religions, and I would like to see it become even stronger," said Shaben, a former provincial cabinet minister and chairman of the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities.

Seven people were inducted into the community service hall of fame, seven into sports, and six into arts and culture. The city began honouring athletes in 1951. The cultural hall of fame was established in 1986 and the community service hall of fame was set up in 2004.

"These recipients are all people who have contributed to our community over a long period of time," said Susan Farnell, a communications officer with the city.

"These people have provided the backbone to the city."

Arliss Miller was inducted into the cultural hall of fame for more than three decades of volunteering with the Citadel Theatre. She has been involved also with the Francis Winspear Centre, the Edmonton Opera and Edmonton Symphony.

"The community is built by the people who live there. If you want a good community for your family to grow up in, you have to participate -- and not only in the arts, but other areas," said Miller. "You get more out of volunteering than you put in."

Award winners include: COMMUNITY SERVICE: Mary W. Engelmann, work with seniors; Kim Hung (in memoriam), work with the Chinese community; Monsignor William Irwin (in memoriam), work with the underprivileged; Sandy and Cecile Mactaggart, philanthropy; Stanley Milner, construction of institutions and organizations; Larry Shaben, work with the Muslim community. SPORTS: Denis Belair Sr. (in memoriam), amateur boxing; Elizabeth Carruthers Tweedle, springboarding; Francis (Dinty) Moor, handball; Oskar Kruger, football, basketball, fastball, curling, boxing; Shauna C. Miller, distance running; Kenneth Montgomery (in memoriam), football; Ken Tamke, golf. ARTS AND CULTURE: Arliss Miller, volunteer work with the arts; Lyndal Osborne, visual arts; Gordon Peacock, theatre; Fordyce Pier, music; Tom Radford, film industry; Denise Roy, promotion of the arts community.

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