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Edmonton Muslims Commemorate Prophet's Birthday

April 2, 2009

Prophet Muhammad (peace is upon him) was born on 12th day of Rabi-al- Awal 1430 as per the Islamic calendar. To mark this occasion, the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities (ECMC) and His Highness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Edmonton have organized a special commemoration on Sunday April 5th. At the Islamic Academy located at 14525-127 street. The event will include a talk by Dr. Abu Rabi, the first holder of the ECMC Chair of Islamic studies at the U of A. He will speak on “Ummah of Muhammad – Prophetic model of interfaith relations”

The Holy Prophet’s (pbuh) early life was spent in Mecca where at the age of 40 he received his first revelation. The early Muslims of Mecca, and the Prophet in particular, were persecuted by the Meccans, and this eventually led the Prophet and his followers to leave Mecca for Yathrib (modern day Medina)

Medina at the time had a population of about 10,000 that was organized into numerous tribes. The tribes sought power through military dominance over other tribes, and with various alliances forged between warring tribes greatly contributing to the aggression. Constant warfare was taking a toll on the tribes. The tribes in Medina welcomed the Prophet and invited him to act as a third-party mediator to try and help resolve the on-going conflict between them. He had a reputation for being an able mediator and had already been given the title, “The Trustworthy” by the residents of Mecca. He was thus able to fill the leadership void that existed in the area and here he took on the added role, that of a political leader. He consulted the leaders of each tribe, thereby demonstrating his willingness to listen to the needs of all tribes, before he drafted what is known as the “Medina Constitution”. Medina Charter is a constitution that essentially established the Medina city-state. The Charter was the first written constitution in Islam and arguably the first constitutional law in Society

We believe that the prophet’s teachings of 1400 years ago are still valid and applicable today as they were then. The Medina Charter could be a source of answers to questions about how to live together and how to solve and prevent conflicts between groups based on differences in culture and belief. Therefore as we commemorate the Prophet’s birthday, it is also fitting that we reflect on his legacy of how to live in pluralistic society of today

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