The Education Portfolio has two major objectives.  First, it will seek to improve the knowledge of Islam within the greater Canadian society.  It is committed to ensuring that Islam and Islamic civilizations both past and present are represented in the Alberta educational curriculum.  It is committed to ensuring that contributions by Muslims are recognized by Canadians in general and Albertans in particular.   The Education Portfolio will strive to achieve this challenging objective by working with and making submissions to the Ministry of Alberta Education.

We are very proud of the fact that our committee has been successful in establishing the first Islamic Chair at a major university in Canada  This unprecedented achievement is currently being emulated in other North American cities.   The Education Portfolio will identify funding sources and organize fundraising events to support the Islamic Chair.

The Education Portfolio’s second objective is internal or targeted towards Muslim educational achievement.  It seeks to encourage the educational aspirations and achievements of Muslims in Canadian society.

The Education Portfolio will seek assistance from existing Muslim leaders and scholars to promote the understanding of Islam.  It will also collaborate with other portfolios within the ECMC such as the Communications Portfolio and with other organizations to develop appropriate educational materials and methods of supporting Canadian Muslim educational endeavors.